Painting: "Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge," Library of Congress/ Wikimedia Commons, John Dunsmore, 1907, in public domain

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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Painting: "Washington and Lafayette
at Valley Forge," by John Dunsmore, 1907
Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons,
in pubic domain

This new blog is about the American Revolutionary War, 
1775 to 1783. 
I hope to have many interesting stories about the men and 
women who lived at that time and helped to create the 
United States of America.

Too often we take for granted that America would 
simply come into being. That was not the case. 

The revolution began as a difficult philosophical 
and political debate during the Age of 
Enlightenment (also called the Age of Reason), 
where traditional concepts like those from 
organized religion and the Divine Right of Kings 
were challenged 
by intellectual thought, science, and Reason.

From philosophy, the Revolution turned to physical protests 
and eventually to war.
Thousands of men, and women, died in this conflict 
-- the first in the history of the United States and 
its most important war.

Why was this war America's most important war? 
Quite simply because had the Americans under 
George Washington lost this war, there would not 
be a United States of America today.

Please join us for this fascinating story.  
Thank you.
Adrian McGrath, Editor and Publisher of